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To secure a challenging position as a Distribution Director that utilizes my experience and skills to contribute to the growth and success of the company.


A results-driven and detail-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience in distribution management, logistics, and supply chain operations. Strong leadership and communication skills, with the ability to effectively manage teams and collaborate with cross-functional departments. Proven track record of improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.


Distribution Director

ABC Company, Anytown, USA

2015 – Present

- Develop and implement strategic plans for distribution operations, including inventory management, order processing, and transportation.

- Manage a team of 50+ employees, including supervisors, warehouse workers, and drivers.

- Streamline processes and procedures to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

- Implement a new warehouse management system that increased accuracy and productivity by 20%.

- Negotiate contracts with carriers and third-party logistics providers to ensure cost-effective transportation and timely delivery of goods.

- Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Logistics Manager

XYZ Corporation, Anytown, USA

2010 – 2015

- Managed a team of 20+ employees responsible for inbound and outbound logistics, including transportation planning, warehousing, and inventory control.

- Improved on-time delivery performance by 15% through the implementation of a new transportation management system.

- Reduced inventory carrying costs by 10% through the implementation of a new inventory control process.

- Negotiated contracts with carriers and logistics providers to reduce transportation costs and improve service levels.

- Led cross-functional teams to develop and implement supply chain improvement initiatives.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Anytown, USA


- Distribution management

- Logistics and supply chain operations

- Warehouse management systems

- Transportation management systems

- Inventory control

- Cost reduction

- Team management

- Cross-functional collaboration

- Negotiation

- Process improvement


- Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

- Six Sigma Green Belt


Available upon request.

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